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    Porchfest  June 20, 2015

    PORCHFEST 2015 from Fresh Films on Vimeo.

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    The 4th Annual Westhaven Porchfest is scheduled for June 20, 2015.  This year's event will include 26 porches throughout the community with over 100 musicians, representing a wide variety of musical genres.  Kicking off at 4:00 PM, musicians will perform on the front porches around the community, while the audience moves from place to place to take in all the music.  At 7:00 PM, the music moves to the big stage on the lake to wrap up the evening with Boy Named Banjo and  Tim Akers and The Smoking Section.  Food trucks will be on hand at both the Westhaven Residents' Club and in the Town Center to provide refreshments.  In addition, all the restaurants in the Town Center will be serving up Porchfest specials!


    Lightning 100 Porch           
    212 - 214 Pearl Street
    4:00    Taylor Dukes
    5:00    Shuggah Pies
    6:00    Lucie Silvas

    Musicians on Call Porch          
    219 Pearl Street  
    4:00    Leah Burkey
    4:35   Leanne Rayo
    5:10   Sandy Garwood
    5:50   Jaclyn Monroe
    6:30   Aubrey Wollett

    High Brow Brew Porch           
    234 Pearl Street 
    4:00    North and South
    5:00    Rachel Horter
    6:00    Jarboe

    Fresh Film + Design Porch          
    244 Pearl Street  
    4:00    Dustin Bogue
    4:45    Jamie McLaughlin
    5:30    Alicia Michilli
    6:15    Janet Hattabaugh

    Nashville Scene/Nissan Porch          
    103 Cheltenham Avenue  
    4:00    Jessie Smith
    4:45    India Ramey
    5:30    Natchez Tracers
    6:15    John P. Strohm

    My Tip Jar Porch          
    401 Cheltenham Avenue
    4:00    Adam Searan
    5:00    Harlan Pease
    6:00    Grace and the Wayward Sons

    Big Deal Music Porch          
    98 Cheltenham Avenue   
    4:00    Zeke Duhon
    5:00    Steven Clawon
    6:00    Brittany Taylor and Matt Singleton  

    Gibson Porch          
    1179  Westhaven Blvd.    
    4:00    Hadley Park
    5:00    Miguel and The Coyotes
    6:00    Tom Richie

    Westhaven Foundation Porch          
    1405 Westhaven Blvd.
    4:00    Chasing Lily
    5:00    Chasing Lily
    6:00    Chasing Lily

    Puckett’s Leiper Fork Porch          
    1414 Westhaven Blvd.   
    4:00    Alan Hunt and Friends
    5:00    HeavyDrunk
    6:00    Loco Vibrato
    1826 Townsend Blvd.  
    4:00    Haven Drive
    5:00    Greg Bates and Shelley Skidmore
    6:00    Jon McLaughlin
    Puryear, Newman,
    Morton PLLC Porch          
    1102 Porter Street
    4:00    Brittany Ray
    5:00    Misha Williams
    6:00    Jeff McMahon

    Williamson Herald Porch        
    1001 Oleander Street
    4:00    Carman Brandy
    5:00    Coffey Anderson
    6:00    Grant Meredith
    JJ’s Wine Bar Porch          
    1136 Westhaven Blvd.   
    4:00    Laurel Sorenson
    5:00    Kylie Morgan 
    6:00    Anthony Bernhouser
    1180 Westhaven Blvd.   
    4:00    Jake Anderson
    5:00    Bito Mann
    6:00    Oxford Hall

    Nissan of Cool Springs
    1002 State Blvd.
    4:00 The Shy Music
    5:00 Birdtalker
    6:00 Tony Lucca
    Russell Home Inspection Porch       
    1206 State Blvd.
    4:00    The Good Routes
    5:00    Craig Morrison
    6:00    The Ham Family Band

    BMG Music Group Porch          
    1203 State Blvd.
    3:30    Luke Amelang
    4:00    Doug McCormick
    to       Marti Dodson
    5:30    Bobby Hamrick
    5:30    Mark Holman
    to       Joel Shewmake
    7:00    Jason Mizelle
    104 Majestic Lane   
    4:00    Rob Beringer and Friends
    4:45    Zach Neil
    5:30    Caitlin Mahoney
    6:15    Bernie Nelson

    Anarusis Songs Porch          
    208 Cheltenham Avenue 
    4:00   Charlie & The Foxtrots
    to       Jameson Elder
    Lumaplay and Tone Tree Music Porch          
    300 Cheltenham Avenue
    4:00    Dale Stumbo
    5:00    Matthew Perryman Jones
    6:00    Liza Anne
    JKC Artist Group Porch          
    1905 Townsend Blvd. 

    }4:00    Hayden Hodge
    4:30    Gene Miller
    5:00    Kim Hill
    6:00    Amy Grant

    Franklin Synergy Bank
    1025 Westhaven Boulevard
    4:00  Ward and Reagan Boone
    5:00  Roz
    6:00  Sarah Spencer

    SunTrust Stage
    Westhaven Lake
    7:00 Boy Named Banjo
    8:00 Tim Akers and The Smoking Section

    *Time and Performers are subject to change.